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Nature of Work

I worked on a number of diffrent projects durning my intership including:


I digitized over 230 historical images of Brooklyn. Almost all of the images were lantern slide photographs. These images can be viewed on the museum's website. The process included scanning each photograph, detailing any inscriptions on the slide, compiling the metadata and loading it into the museum's digital asset management system.

Historical Research

After the images had been scanned efforts were focused on researching the historical context of the image. This was accomplished by using library resources as well as historical newspaper archives such as the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.


Another project related to the lantern slides included creating a detailed MARC record for the groups of slides in OCLC. Using OCLC Connexion we created records that will aid in locating the resources by describing the collection in more detail.

Locating Resources

The final project I was involved in was locating future materials to be digitized during the CHART project. This was accomplished by browsing the library and archive's collection and locating public domain Brooklyn related visual resources.